Welcome visitor on my site. Few thing about me.

  • I am not a photographer. Is just a hobby.
  • I am an engineer. Power engineer. If you have any power problem call me.
  • I live in Bratislava.
  • I like Java.
  • I am a runner.
  • I have a long hair.
  • I am teacher.
  • I know a better English sentences than just “I am “.
  • I work at University. Technical one.
  • I like scotch whisky.
  • I grow several hot chilly peppers and one mango plant.
  • I like poetry.
  • I play the saxophone. Alto saxophone. Nice one. Original Conn Chuberry if you know what I mean by that.

Well that is about everything. Hope you enjoy what you will find here. Fell free to contact me any time. Yeah the eye on the left is mine.